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Baby Hare for your baby's care

As a mother of  a small child, I'm always looking for products that satisfy my need for both quality and safety. I want to be able to trust the products I am purchasing and using on my child.  After scouring the beauty shelves of various big box stores, I could not find anything that was all natural and uniquely created for babies and children. That's when my motherly instincts kicked in and I decided to create something to enhance my own child's beautiful curls while soothing her dry scalp and promoting healthy hair growth. As a stay at home mom, I created this product out of necessity so that you don't have to.  It's organic and safe enough for a baby yet good enough for you. Yes, I also use Baby Hare. I'm a Mother and creator of Baby Hare and I wanted to create an entire experience in baby care starting with hair, skin and finally building self confidence with a children's book. I want to make your baby feel beautiful both inside and out.

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